Popular Roof Colors for Modern Homes

Choosing the different colors for certain parts of your new home could be a pain in the head. However, it is a fun thing to do because you will decide what you will put in your home and visualize how everything will turn out at the end. It is a pain in the head because there are so many color options that will be laid out for you, which will make it hard for you to choose from. Because of technology, there are new colors available for you to choose from alongside classic and more versatile colors. These many options will lead someone to confusion. The color wheel is almost existent to some of the materials for your home. You need to choose between hundreds of color options, especially on the paint colors for the exterior and interior part of your home, since it will be up to you on what you would like to paint your home with.   

Another part of the home that people usually have a hard time choosing paint colors for is the home roof. Shockingly, there are now so many roofs color options available for everyone. Even if there are many materials to choose from for the roof, each of these materials has many colors. Having so many color options is not bad because this tells us that there will be a color that will fit our choices. This is good because no single homeowner would have to settle for the mediocre colors, now says roofing contractor Guelph.   

And since we are the experts when it comes to roofing, we would like to share with you the most popular roof colors today:  


This color is very versatile. It could work well with homes that want to achieve a simple yet elegant look. This could be paired well with other earth tone colors. If you paint your exterior with earth tones, khaki is one of the popular choices in the different shades of brown to choose from.   

Light Blue  

The lightness of blue could make any home fresh and new to the eyes. This is a relatively new color for roofing, but it has quickly become a popular choice because it is very fresh to look at, and it makes the home look light and airy.   


The rustiness of this color goes well with deeper paint colors that you might want to paint your exterior with. This goes well with browns. It is a deeper red which makes it unique to the eyes.   

Forest Green  

Green is also a popular choice, especially this type of deeper green. This kind of green will bring sophistication and elegance to your home.   


This shade of grey is unique and one-of-a-kind. You should pick this color if you are going for the black, white, and grey home concept popular in modern homes.   

Ensure that your roof’s color is well-coordinated to the paint color of the exterior of your home.